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Cost of Bariatric Surgery

Is bariatric surgery for weight loss too expensive? Let’s unravel! What does it take to qualify for bariatric surgery? That you need to be obese (BMI of 40+) is one of the definite requirements. Additionally you need to offer proof of the fact that you have actually failed after trying […]

What is Bariatric Surgery for weight loss?

Are you willing to try out Bariatric Surgery for weight loss soon? Read this! Bariatric surgery for weight loss is quite common nowadays. You are perhaps obese (with a BMI of 40+) and have tried every “effective” trick in the book to lose weight but have failed. There are times […]

Types of bariatric surgery

Why you should know about bariatric surgery for weight loss You have done every thing in your power to lose weight – you have hit the gym on a regular basis, you have been careful enough to resort to a balanced diet and have taken those “strategically” advertised pills as […]

What is Lap Band Surgery?

Lap Band Surgery: Its “Why” and “How” A lap band surgery can very simply be described as a type of bariatric surgery for weight loss which works by reducing the size of the stomach (so that it can hold a small amount of food). During this laparoscopic surgical procedure, the […]

Bariatric surgery sleeve

Bariatric surgery sleeve: Its Features, History, Benefits and More Gastric sleeve surgery is a popular form of bariatric surgery – alternately known as sleeve gastrectomy. It is preferred by patients suffering from obesity because of two reasons. First of all, it is a relatively less complicated surgical procedure than gastric […]

Gastric sleeve vs gastric bypass

Gastric Sleeve vs Gastric Bypass: Which one should you opt for? Obese people can only resort to surgery after all other weight loss measures fail. Diets, exercises and pills – nothing works- prompting the individual to rush to a weight loss surgeon. Only when you are able to prove that […]

Cost of weight loss surgery

Cost of Weight Loss Surgery: Why isn’t it the only thing you should survey? How much does a weight loss surgery cost? This is the first thing that comes to the mind of a person recommended such a surgery at the first place. A bariatric surgery is only advised when […]

Bariatric surgery types

Bariatric Surgery Types: How different are they from each other? Someone who has not found success with diet and exercises – as far as weight loss is concerned- will inevitably turn to a surgery to get rid of the excess weight. There are four bariatric surgery types aimed at helping […]

Weight reduction surgery

Weight Reduction Surgery: The Final Resort on your Journey to Weight Loss If you have tried everything in your power to lose weight, you may resort to a weight reduction surgery. There are four different types of bariatric surgery for weight loss – all carried out with the common aim […]

Stomach surgery for weight loss

Stomach Surgery for Weight Loss: Is it Worth Investing in it? How scared are you of surgeries? Very? Do you know that there are people who resort to surgery even in a bid to lose weight? Yes. Before you start jumping to conclusions, let us tell you that a surgeon […]

Diet after bariatric surgery

Diet after bariatric surgery: The “Why” and “How” of it A qualified surgeon will only recommend a weight loss surgery when he is completely sure about the fact that the previous weight loss measures adopted by you had completely failed. And, previous weight measures here imply diet and exercise. He […]

Lap band surgery pros and cons

Lap band surgery pros and cons, the treatment itself, suitability and much more Gastric lap band surgery remains one of the common types of bariatric surgery and is known by variant other names including just “lap band surgery” or laparscopic adjustable gastric band surgery. The benefits of this particular surgery […]

Cost of bariatric surgery

Cost of bariatric surgery, its effectiveness and more discussed There are four main weight loss surgical procedures performed today. Though the operative techniques may differ, they are all backed by the common aim of achieving weight loss by reducing the size of the stomach. With a reduced stomach the patient […]