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Best Bariatric Surgeon in Bangalore

Best Bariatric surgeon in Bangalore India Dr Adarsh M Patil. mbbs. ms. FICS. FIAP. Is one of the Best Bariatric surgeon in Bangalore .15 years of experience in eminent hospitals like Manipal Hospital, Apollo Hospitals and Narayana Hrudalaya in Bangalore. He has experience of treating numerous Bariatric  patients successfully in […]

Best Bariatric Surgeon in Bangalore

Best Doctors in Bangalore for Gallstone

Gallstone treatment in Bangalore is highly popular amongst people across the globe, owing to the clinical expertise and top quality of services offered by the best doctors in Bangalore for gallstone treatment. These are basically hardened deposits of digestive juices whichget accumulated in the gallbladder. They differ in size from […]

Best Bariatric Surgeon in Bangalore

We are well aware how obesity has terrifying effects on human health. This is an undesired condition in which excessive fat gets deposited in the body to the extent it starts negatively affecting overall health. Obesity may result into other dreadful health conditions like – diabetes, heart disease, various kinds […]

Best Doctor for Gastric Bypass Surgery in Bangalore

Gastric Bypass Surgery in Bangalore, India Gastric Bypass is one of the several surgical techniques used by the best doctors for gastric bypass surgery in Bangalore for reducing weight in people who are leading a stressful and unhealthy life due to obesity. It is rightly said that obesity is very easy […]